Learn how to create and grow your reputation as an artist in your own community and how to sell and promote your own art more successfully.

"Most artists never learn how to create a reputation as a known artist."

"Most artists struggle with selling their artwork or reproductions."

"Most artists are never able to command higher prices for their work." 

What if there was a better way to promote and sell your artwork?

There is... The Art of Self-Promotion with Ed Hill.

► Learn to create your reputation as a known artist in your own community.

► Learn how to choose what pieces will most likely sell.

► Learn how to command better prices for your work.

► Learn how to promote your artwork more effectively.

► Learn how your printing costs can be paid for by your clients.

► Learn how promoting your artwork can be done by others, at no cost to you.

► Learn how promoting your artwork can actually help your local community.

Who is Ed Hill?

Ed Hill is an accomplished and successful artist and art teacher.

Ed Hill is a highly regarded artist and a respected, active member of
the art community where he lives.

Ed Hill has sold well over $200,000 worth of his art and reproductions.

Ed HillAbout the artist

My name is Ed Hill I was born in Paris, Ontario in 1948, moved to Peterborough, Ontario at a very young age. At 20 I joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and in 1969 I found myself posted in Surrey, British Columbia.

I had studied art in high school, but my youthful dream of becoming a productive professional artist didn't take shape until the mid 1980's. Over the years I continually dabbled and experimented with various art forms.

In the summer of 1985 that all changed. My family and I were posted to Tofino, British Columbia where I met and befriended a renowned west coast artist Roy Henry Vickers.

My interest in Roy Henry Vickers art and techniques meant that we became more than friends. Roy became my teacher and I his student. I spent many hours watching him, questioning him and listening before ever putting brush to paper in the Vickers' style. Only through the tutoring and encouragement of Roy Henry Vickers did I produce my first limited edition print entitled "Old Man".

Roy and I shared a great interest in the wilderness, fishing, native culture and their art and it was that association that allowed me to develop as a professional artist while still performing my daily duties as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. To this day the awesome beauty, power and energy of British Columbia as a landscape inspires me in my artwork.

I retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2002, My wife Joy and I now live in Gibsons, British Columbia. It is from here that I've has spent many years exploring and enjoying the beauty that is the coastal experience of this great province.

I have continued to produce and sell works of art that evoke that special emotion that is "West Coast". If you are a person that has enjoyed a solitary moment on a shore feeling the power of a coastal sunset, or if you have marveled at nature's composition of blue mountains shouldering each other for position as they fade into the distance, then you are probably one who can feel the emotion I strive for in my paintings.

It is that moment that I attempt to seize in my work. When nature and mind are singing together, they produce a magical energy inside one's soul. I attempt to capture that moment in my artwork. I hope that in viewing my works in their homes my patrons will hear and remember the "music" of the landscape of Beautiful British Columbia no matter where in the world their home may be.

You may wonder how "The Art of Self Promotion" online course came to be. In studying with Roy Henry Vickers I didn't just learn painting technique. Roy Henry Vickers was also a master of "The Art of Self Promotion". His work sold very well and often for prices that other artists rarely seemed to command. I paid close attention to how he used "The Art of Self Promotion" and I adopted and have continued to refine these techniques over the years to suit my particular personality and style.

In testing and refining "The Art of Self Promotion", I have enjoyed success in this art form as well. I have developed a live presentation for other artists in "The Art of Self Promotion". I knew that if other artists would simply learn and apply the "The Art of Self Promotion" for themselves they would also be able build their reputation, sell more of their art work and in time command higher prices for their work just as I had learned to do.

Now I'm not much of a "Techie" or "Internet Guy" but I met an Entrepreneur and art lover named Jim. Over the years Jim's Team has built over 80 web sites, consulted and supported many local and even international businesses. He and his partner have also done a good deal of fine art printing for local artists including myself. As a result Jim and his partner attended my "The Art of Self Promotion" presentation several times. In part because they were trying to better understand and serve their fine art printing clients.

Some time later Jim approached me and offered "Ed, what you teach in The Art of Self Promotion is incredibly valuable for artists and the way you present it is also very easy to learn. We see all these amazingly talented people come to us to do art prints but it's clear they struggle to sell their artwork. What if I worked with you to package and sell your course "The Art of Self Promotion" online so that many more artists could benefit from what you teach. We both thought this was such a good idea that that is how this course "The Art of Self Promotion with Ed Hill" came to be.

Jim has taken my original live training and added valuable bonus content so that the value to you the artist is certain to be worth much more than the modest cost of the course.

When you learn "The Art of Self Promotion" you will...

Be able to promote yourself as an artist more easily and effectively in your own community.

Be able to build your artist's reputation with other peoples help.

Be able to set and command better prices for your work.

Be able to better determine which images to sell and to whom to sell them to.

Be able to sell prints of your work with lower or even no upfront costs to you.

Be able to spend more time doing what you love to do.

What do people say about The Art of Self Promotion with Ed Hill?

Bill Beeton 92+ Year Old Artist


I was leisurely strolling down the street, in Gibsons, and made the decision to step into art gallery and enjoy the fruits from the artist on exhibit there. Ed Hill was the curator on duty that day and naturally our discussion got onto the subject of Painting. In response to his question “Have I ever…? Well I told him that the only painting I had ever done was when I accompanied my wife who wanted to learn Tole Painting. He then asked if I had enjoyed it to which I responded yes and “The trap was set”. Even as a senior, I found myself as a student in Ed’s next painting class. Fortunately Ed’s techniques, as challenging as they were, opened up a new and exciting adventure for me in filling a senior golden years. What could've been a chore immediately became a pleasure for me and, as I now knock on the door of 92, I find myself still attempting to regularly cover the canvas with a worthy subject.

Early in this adventure, Ed indicated that my work might be sale-able and personally sat me down to take me through the steps of how to develop an effective marketing plan with no, or minimal cost to me. I, having been in business for many years, recognized a winning program when I saw one. Since that original discussion I have participated in two more of Ed’s major group presentations on marketing one’s painting efforts and the more I see of it the more I recognize the merits of it. It is an effective program of getting a product – “YOUR PERSONAL PAINTING” into the hands of a willing buyer”

My personal recommendation: Deal yourself a winning hand! - GET ED HILL’S MARKETING PLAN!!

Jacquie Allan Artist and Singer

"The Art of Self Promotion workshop was enlightening."

I learned discipline from Ed in Ed's painting classes I learned to be focused on the creation of my own style.

"The Art of Self Promotion" workshop was enlightening.

Ed guided us to a level of confidence so that we were excited to 'get our work out there!

Having fun learning is what I recall most vividly!

Jim Entrepreneur

"I was impressed by how smart and useful Ed Hill's art promotion strategies are."

When I attended Ed Hill's live presentation of "The Art of Self-Promotion" I was impressed by how smart and useful Ed Hill's art promotion strategies are. I mean here was an easy to learn and elegant way for an artist to become better known and to boost their art sales at the same time. Most of the artists I've met struggle to sell their artwork at all. Any artist should be able to learn and use these methods to sell more artwork and build a following. Ed Hill's methods are pretty much foolproof!

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Inside "The Artist Online Guide", you’ll learn tested and proven web design strategies. Written by a Professional Web Designer with over 15+ years of design & online marketing experience. Written specifically to help you promote yourself more effectively as an artist online.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We created and built this course "The Art of Self Promotion" specifically for you the artist. We have done our best to deliver a great deal of value for the very modest price of the course. We are sure that you will agree. However if you are not convinced that you've received the value we've promised for any reason just ask for a refund within 30 days. We will return your payment quickly with no hassle guaranteed. We want you to be fully satisfied.

So take action now. What are you waiting for?

Will you continue to accept having your art sales lower than you expect
they should be?

Will you continue to accept being an "Unknown Artist"?

Do you want to learn how to sell and promote your art and to become a self-sustaining artist?

And finally do you want to be known, accepted and recognized for the creative
artist that you are?

This course is not for everybody. It's for artists who are committed to learning more about the self promotion of their artwork, growing more and to creating a better future for themselves.

P.S. We created this course especially for artists. We truly want you to succeed. When you share your unique artistic vision with the rest of us we all benefit. It's time to make a change, invest in you. Start learning how to make your creative work self sustaining and actually support your ongoing creative expression.